As we commemorate World Intellectual Property Day 2023, we celebrate the women who have made remarkable contributions to the field of innovation and creativity. This year’s theme, “Powering Change: Women in Innovation and Creativity,” recognizes the essential role that women have played in shaping our present and future. This theme emphasizes the need to address gender inequality in the field of intellectual property and to create an environment that promotes diversity and inclusivity. It is a reminder that women’s contributions are critical and deserve recognition and protection under intellectual property laws.

Women around the world have made significant contributions to innovation and creativity, breaking down barriers and driving change across a range of industries. From biotech to e-commerce, these women leaders and innovators have inspired others to pursue their passions, overcome obstacles, and make a difference in the world.

Women entrepreneurs have played a critical role in shaping the India’s economic landscape. Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw, the founder and executive chairperson of Biocon Limited, is a prime example. She has taken the company to global heights, developing innovative solutions for diseases like cancer and diabetes. Meanwhile, Falguni Nayar, the founder of Nykaa, has built a thriving beauty and wellness platform that has become a household name in India.

Women entrepreneurs have also made strides in the tech industry. Suchi Mukherjee founded Limeroad, an online marketplace that specializes in fashion and lifestyle products. Upasana Taku, the co-founder of MobiKwik, has been instrumental in revolutionizing India’s digital payments ecosystem. MobiKwik is a leading supplier of payment services, offering a digital wallet and mobile phone-based payment system. Taku’s leadership and innovation have enabled MobiKwik to provide secure and convenient payment solutions to millions of customers across India. These women have been instrumental in bringing about digital transformation in India and have created new opportunities for businesses and consumers alike.

In addition to entrepreneurs, women innovators have also made significant contributions across various industries. Nandini Harinath, a rocket scientist at the Indian Space Research Organization, has played a crucial role in several landmark missions, including the Mars Orbiter Mission. She is a champion for women in STEM fields and has inspired many young girls to pursue careers in science and technology. Dr. Kristina M. Johnson, an inventor and entrepreneur with over 100 patents to her name, co-founded ColorLink, which developed technology used in high-definition television displays. She is also a strong advocate for renewable energy and has worked to promote sustainability throughout her career.

Sonam Srivastava, the co-founder of Wright Research, is another inspiring woman innovator. She is a data scientist and entrepreneur who has developed cutting-edge algorithms and tools for data analysis. Her company specializes in market research and provides valuable insights to businesses across various sectors. Srivastava’s work has helped companies to make informed decisions, identify new opportunities, and stay ahead of the competition.

Women innovators have also shown remarkable resilience and determination in the face of adversity. Dr. Cynthia Breazeal, a roboticist and pioneer in the field of social robotics, has faced many challenges in her career, including being the only woman in her field at MIT. Despite these obstacles, she has continued to innovate and has developed the world’s first social robot for the home. Aditi Gupta, the founder of Menstrupedia, a digital platform that provides information and resources on menstruation, has helped to break the taboo surrounding menstruation in India and has empowered girls and women to take control of their health and wellbeing.

In conclusion, women innovators and women entrepreneurs have made significant contributions to innovation and creativity in India and around the world. Their breakthroughs and entrepreneurial spirit have inspired others, broken down barriers, and created new opportunities for businesses and consumers alike. As we celebrate their achievements on World IP Day, we should recognize the importance of diversity and inclusivity in driving innovation and creativity forward. These women have proven that with hard work, determination, and passion, anyone can make a difference and power change.