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“Breaking Barriers and Powering Change: Celebrating Women Innovators and Entrepreneurs on World IP Day”

As we commemorate World Intellectual Property Day 2023, we celebrate the women who have made remarkable contributions to the field of innovation and creativity. This year’s theme, “Powering Change: Women in Innovation and Creativity,” recognizes the essential role that women have played in shaping our present and future. This theme emphasizes the need to address […]


Copycat OR Inspiration?

Where does one distinguish between “inspiration” and straight-up plagiarism? The recent copyright infringement case filed with District & Sessions Court, Kozhikode by Kerala’s leading music band Thaikkudam Bridge is a classical instance of the ‘Idea/Expression’ dichotomy as enunciated by the Berne Convention and national copyright legislations globally. The Thaikkudam Bridge has alleged that the ‘Varaha […]

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7 tips of IP Strategy for Startups.

Startups and innovative ideas usually go in pairs. Protecting Intellectual property is critical to foster innovation. Without protecting ideas, businesses and individuals would not reap full benefits of their inventions and would focus less on research and development. But for a Startup at an early stage protecting IP takes a back seat as there are […]

Amazon, Flipkart In Festive Sales War: What’s Happening And How They Have Prepared

“[The related-party transaction clause in the amendment rules] can impact the sale of retailers like Amazon. It will not be able to sell its products under brand names such as AmazonBasics, Cloudtail or sell through other brands where it holds a stake,” Gayathri Prajit, founding partner of Chelton Legal, told Inc42.

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